The capital of Tenerife enters the new normal prepared to receive visitors who want to explore a different capital city that combines nature, culture, cuisine, beaches and shopping. During your stay, the regulations stipulate that you must keep a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and other people in the public thoroughfare, outdoor areas and in any closed space for public use or open to the public. Failing that, take alternative physical protection measures by using a suitable hygienic mask and having good respiratory etiquette, i.e. covering the nose and mouth with a disposable facial tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose it in a waste bin. Use the crook of your elbow if you don’t have facial tissues. Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth.

When you visit a restaurant you will find that the tables are also separated by 1.5 metres and — for your safety — you will not find napkin rings, toothpick holders, cruets, olive oil dispensers or other similar utensils. Information will be transmitted by electronic devices and posters rather than by printed material. Clients may not sit down at a table until the waiter asks them to do so after cleaning and disinfecting the furnishings. Shops — except establishments for food and beverages, basic necessities, pharmaceutical products, medical or health services, among others — may not exceed seventy-five percent of their authorised or established capacity.

When you are in your hotel, hostel or other accommodation you will find different capacity quotas applied to the various common zones in accordance with the established hygienic, protection and minimum inter-personal distance measures. You should ask about these before travelling to Tenerife and check them out on arrival to move around with confidence and safety.

You may do physical exercise outdoors individually or in a group of up to a maximum of thirty (30) people at any one time provided that you maintain physical distancing.

Recreational, leisure and entertainment activities, including sports, that take place sporadically in places other than establishments intended for the habitual exercise of said activity and those held temporary or open-air facilities, may take place provided that the public remains seated and not more than seventy-five percent of the permitted capacity is occupied. Total attendance cannot exceed three hundred people in closed spaces and one thousand in the open air.


In order to facilitate inter-personal physical distancing of 1.5 metres, our beaches may impose limited access and maximum numbers on the beach itself and zones for bathing in the sea. Other conditions and restrictions on access and length of stay may also be established depending on the development of the healthcare emergency.

Your temperature may be taken, among other healthcare measures, on arrival or departure from the island depending on the air or maritime port of origin or destination.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you carry hydro-alcoholic gel, disposable tissues and a face mask on all your outings to be used when circumstances so warrant. Our mission is to provide you with as much information as possible on the current situation and welcome you to a city full of life with the utmost respect for sanitary regulations that allow safe travel during your stay with us.

What is La Casa del Carnaval

Located in Barranco de Santos next to the bridge Puente Galcerán, with a surface area of 1,052.74 square meters, Casa del Carnaval represents a milestone in the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it provides new way of understanding this festival. It has been declared an “International Tourist Attraction” and this is how we would like it to be regarded by its visitors.
The area has a permanent exhibition hall with costumes and interesting items related to the carnival, a multi-purpose room for temporary exhibits and presentations of all kinds; a centre for documentation and conservation on our carnival’s heritage aimed at experts, journalists, students and researchers, which will allow the cataloguing of funds; an area for workshops and dynamic activities related to the festival; a cafeteria and a shop.
Undoubtedly a visit to the Casa del Carnaval will be a unique experience, thanks to the different digital applications that allow the visitor to feel and experience the festival from within, including the opportunity to try on costumes.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife now has a Carnival all year round! Come and enjoy it!


La Casa del Carnaval in Santa Cruz is aimed at four target groups of people: tourists, the Carnival community, specialists and researchers and the general public.

Inside, you will find a permanent exhibition, designed as an attractive, sensorial, comfortable and entertaining space with sufficiently flexible amenities to be able to host collections and contents of different kinds, documentary collections and multimedia resources.

Hence, the exhibition space will vary each year, to include the costume of the reigning Carnival Queen and the costumes used by the different artistic groups (adult and children’s Murgas, musical groups, Comparsas, etc.) this year.

The costume of the reigning Carnival Queen is the key piece that will receive visitors in the hall of the building and will act as an attraction to bring people in. Thus, it is displayed in a welcoming atmosphere that acts as an introduction to the exhibition, giving way to a sensorial space with coloured lights and Carnival sounds, where the coloured streamers invade the centre of the hall, where there are eight separate modules with multi-language screens that explain different aspects of the Carnival celebrations.

Throughout the tour, visitors will find a range of different Carnival posters and a video wall with videos of the celebrations. The next hall is an educational, interactive space where visitors and school children can try on costumes, masks and wigs, and play musical instruments, thus experiencing the Carnival first hand, accompanied by a showcase holding the most representative costumes and objects of the Carnival.

La Casa del Carnaval also has a Multi-Purpose Hall, where temporary exhibitions, lectures, book presentations, talks or seminars will be held, together with a shop, a cafeteria and an area for programming workshops and a variety of activities, for both school children and adults, as a means of offering training in the arts and crafts of the Carnival.

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Aguere Street, 17, 38005 S/C de Tenerife

(+34) 922 04 60 20

Mon. - Sun. 09:00 - 19:00

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Anyone interested in receiving further information can send us an e-mail using our form.We also have different halls to hold events (cafeteria, temporary hall, video wall, workshop, outside area).


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